Typical Website Support Tasks:

Typical SEO Tasks

Typical SEM Tasks

Not included or offered: Secretarial services like editing Word documents.  Also, we do not manage your AuthorizeNet account or other gateway account.  This is for your protection as well as ours. 

SEO Reports:  We do not send you reports showing a bunch of stuff that you won't understand and that are a waste of my time & your money.   I assume you are smart enough to search for the terms we're working on and you can tell if you're moving up or down in the rankings.   And your Google Analytics report will be available to you.

Success Examples

Search Google for the bolded phrase below.  See where our clients rank (as of 5/25/11) (sorry, I haven't updated lately)

mesquite furniture

Austin wedding consultant

Austin wedding minister

Texas gifts

Texas gifts online

wildflower t-shirts

Paris tours for women

custom iron beds

Texas topaz jewelry

More Benefits of Being on a Plan:

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Management & Search Engine Optimization/Marketing Services

With a monthly management plan, you'll have a webmaster available to add pictures, edit pages, add pages, install cart upgrades, etc. and work on your search engine ranking.  You direct how I use "your" time.  When you don't have specific requests in a month, I work on SEO.

Choose the plan that's right for you.  If, in any month, you ask for more work than your plan includes, we'll let you know (if it's obvious), and you decide whether to proceed with all of it or save some of it for the next month.  Unused time is not carried forward.


We offer various level of website support plans as well as plans for SEO and SEM (Search Engine Marketing  or pay-per-click), and Social Media support.

Get details and/or sign up to get your site moving up the ranks

If you don't want to commit to a monthly plan, we do offer ad-hoc services that can benefit you.  The ad hoc rate is $120/hour with a 1/4 hour minimum (whether phone, email, design time or face-to-face support).  Drive time is $50/hr.

Fine Print:  Management plans require an initial 3 month commitment and 30 days cancellation notice after the first 3 months. Plans are retainer-based, i.e. part of what you pay for is our availability and a higher priority for your work.  Therefore, we don't guarantee to spend exactly the included time every single month.  We do guarantee to give you value for your dollars.   

Management plans are available only for existing websites. In other words, if you are a new client who needs a website, the design rate is $120/hour. After it's designed, you are eligible for a management plan.

I concentrate on rankings in Google and, to a lesser extent, Bing and Yahoo!.  If you're doing well on Google, you're capturing about 65% of the viewing audience. That's where we should concentrate most of our efforts.

Mobile-ready sites are critical to your success these days.  Is your site readable on a smartphone?  Easy to click links?  If not, let's talk!