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All search engines are not created equally. You probably have a favorite, because it gives you good results or is easy to use -- or both.

Social media like Facebook and YouTube are increasingly used to find products and services.

Some search engines (and directories) count the readable words on a page to determine what that page is about.  If the word "cooking" shows up more than any other word on that page, the search engine will likely assume the page is about cooking.

Other search engines may read the "meta" tags which are hidden code. There is --or should be -- a meta Title tag and a meta Description tag on every page. 

The meta Keywords tag is mostly ignored.

The list goes on. Our job, when we design a website or when we maintain an existing website, is to know what's in that list of important elements.   We spend a lot of time and money staying educated about the ins and outs of search engines.

For example, you may not realize that when you look at the text on some websites, it isn't machine-readable text, it's an image. This image has an alt tag.

No search engine can "read" images although they can read the "alt" text of an image. That's the text that shows up when you hold your mouse over an image for a second (depending on how your browser is set up.

Having text in image format is essential for certain effects, such as using a font that isn't universal.  But an entire page of image text will render it nearly invisible to most search engines.  So a search engine-savvy web designer will take that into consideration when designing a website.

Google has been the most popular search engine, but Bing is gaining audience.

All search engines have "spiders" or "robots" that "crawl" the web, going from site to site, seeing what's there.

Once you do get listed, your work (or ours) isn't over. New websites are added to the Internet daily and some will be in competition with yours.  So, just because you're #3 in search results today does not mean you'll stay #3.

Keeping or improving a website's ranking in search results is often as much work as getting there in the first place.

If you'd rather we worry about this stuff because you have been lost since paragraph two, please check out our Services page.   We offer a variety of options to manage your website, search engine ranking, social media presence and pay-per-click advertising.

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