This was written primarily for sites that I host on my server in Dallas.  If your site is hosted on my reseller site (, please log in to your account and use their support features.

But that said, much of the following applies no matter where your site is hosted.

Note:   Wherever you see, substitute your website name for ""
Website Issues 
How to clear your cache (to be sure you are seeing the most current version of a page) Click here
Website is down (home page and other pages will not come up)   Click here
Website has one or more pages won't come up Click here
A link on your site that goes to a different (external) website no longer works. Click here
My contact form doesn't work.  See Email issues below.  
Shopping Cart Issues
Customer has problem placing an order Click here
You use AuthorizeNet and received their order confirmation, but not the one from your website. Click here
A page or product won't come up Click here
Email Issues
Basic Info on Using Webmail Click here
Cannot send  
Do you send mail by logging on to your website's webmail account?    A webmail account is one you access by going to something like Click here
Do you send mail using Outlook or AOL or some other program on your computer? Click here
Cannot receive  
You don't receive emails from the contact form on your website. Click here
You don't receive any emails sent to your website mail accounts (like Click here
Need to change email forwarding, delete account, etc. Click here
How to set up Outlook to receive mail from your website Click here
Setting up an iphone Click here
If your problem is not described above, please complete a Support Request.




Shopping Cart Problems and What to Do
A.  Customers say they cannot place orders:


Try placing an order yourself.     This is critical

  • If you can place an order, the cart works.  Assume that it was a temporary glitch or human error (the website visitor).

    NOTE: If you use AuthorizeNet (you'll know if you do),  place the order and enter an incorrect credit card number and submit.   If the cart is working, you will get a message that the card info was invalid (or something to that effect).  That means the cart works and communicates with AuthorizeNet as it should.   The problem is with your customer, not the cart.
    In this event, I recommend you get on your website (with the customer on the phone) and enter the order yourself.  This will help you determine if there is, in fact, a problem with the cart.

  • If you test the cart and do have a problem, please fill out a support request.
  • If you use PDShopPro as your cart, you might also search their knowledge base at

B.  You received the AuthorizeNet order confirmation, but not the website order confirmation email.

Go to the order reports page on your website to see if the order shows up there. 

  • If the order is listed, then the website's order confirmation email may be hung up somewhere en route to your mailbox.  Emails do not follow a straight path from where they are sent to their ultimate destination.  Print the order from the reports page, as you may never receive the original confirmation.
  • If the order is not listed, but you have received confirmation from AuthorizeNet, it means AuthorizeNet took too long to send the credit card confirmation message back to your shopping cart.   There is no solution for this problem and it can occur with any type of shopping cart.  You will have to call the customer and take the order over the phone. 
    Fortunately, this only occurs once or twice a year when AuthorizeNet's servers get overwhelmed
C. A particular page or product doesn't come up. (If the problem occurs during checkout, see "A" above)

Have you added or changed the product recently?   If so:

  • Make sure the Product ID does not contain spaces or any special characters. It should only be letters, numbers and dashes.
  • Make sure none of the fields - Product name, description, etc. - ends with an exclamation point or / or >.  

If you have not added or edited the product recently and you know it's worked before, please complete a support request.




Clear Cache

First, clear the browser's cookies & cached files

In Internet Explorer, click:

  • Tools
  • Internet Options
  • You will be on the General Tab.  In the section called Browsing History, click Delete
  • Click Delete files to get rid of all temporary pages that the browser has stored. You are not deleting anything important.
  • The 1st 4 boxes should be checked.
  • Click Delete.  It may take a while, but eventually a window/bar will pop up toward the bottom of the browser telling you everything has been deleted.
  • Click Close
  • Back on the General tab, in the Browsing History section, click Settings
  • Choose the first option "Every time I visit the web page"
  • Say OK
  • OK

That should help ensure that you are always viewing the most current page.

In Firefox, click:

  • History
  • Clear Recent History
  • Make sure the following are checked:  Cookies, Cache, Active Logins, Offline Website Data
  • Then close/okay out

In Chrome, click the 3 line toolbar in upper right, then

  • Settings
  • History
  • Clear Browsing Data
  • Check first 4 boxes
  • (Note:  I always choose the option: Obliterate from the beginning of time)



If the problem still exists, contact your web designer.  
If that's me, fill out a support request







Your website doesn't come up

Your domain name has probably expired.   If you know who your registrar is, log in to that account to see if the domain has expired.  This is the most common reason that a website doesn't come up. 

If you don't remember where you registered your domain, do the following to find out:

  • Go here:
    Enter your domain name (without the www) in the box and hit submit.
    Review the information that gets returned to see the registration start and end dates.
    If it has expired, contact the Registrar* to renew your domain name.  

    If it hasn't expired, contact your web host.  If that's Truly Texan, fill out a support request
*Your registrar might be me,  Network Solutions, GoDaddy, or one of many others.  
If you registered it with our service, the Registrar may show as Wild West Domains.   To reinstate it, call 480-624-2500.  









   Problems with Webmail ( or
This is ONLY for sites I host in Dallas. 
Login Problems: 

If you cannot login to your mail account online:
First, clear the browser's cookies & cached files

If you still cannot get in and are sure you're using the correct username (always the entire email address) and password, please contact
Tell Martin that you are my customer and provide:
  1. your name,
  2. the website address you are trying to log into.
  3. the email address you are using to login with
  4. and the password you are using
  5. Tell him what is happening.

Some people are not receiving mail sent from your Webmail account.

NOTE:  This ONLY applies if you are logging on to our mailserver to send mail. It does NOT apply if you are sending mail from Outlook or some other mail program.

If your emails are not bouncing back to you, they are probably getting caught by the recipient's spam filter. Ask the person you're emailing to add your email address to their "whitelist" or "approved list" or address book.

Did the undelivered emails have very large attachments?   Sometimes an attachment is so large it can't be delivered to a particular mailbox but it doesn't bounce back to you.






Cannot send mail from Outlook, Outlook Express, AOL, etc.
Contact your ISP (Internet Service Provider).
  You do not send mail through our server.  
You may have set up Outlook so it looks like it came from your website, but it doesn't really. 
Trust me.








  Not receiving Contact form results from your website

Test it yourself as follows:
First, clear the browser's cookies & cached files

Try the contact form again.   Do not use your website email address as the "from" when you test.  Use a fake email address - or mine.

If you don't receive the form results within 2 hours, contact your web designer.    If that is me, please complete a Support Request




Not receiving any emails addressed to your website

Have you checked the junk folder on the mailserver?


Log in to your webmail account.

If I host your site on my Dallas server, you will go to (substitute with your domain name) and then log in to check the spam or junk mail folder.

If your mail is on the GoDaddy/Wild West Domains server, log into your account there and check it.  Don't know how?  Call (480) 624-2500 and ask them.

Have you changed Internet Service Providers?
  If so, log in to the mail account for your website and update the forwarding for your account. 
If you do not have your login info, please complete a Support Request.  
Note: For your security and ours, we only provide Email Administration access to the person whose name is on the most recent agreement with Truly Texan.
If you have not changed ISP's recently, send yourself an email from another email address you have to see if it bounces and what the bounce message is. 

See this site for an explanation of what the bounce messages mean.  This may help you determine the problem/solution without needing further support from us.

Forward the bounced message (with the bounce message included) to me.
  Tell Martin you are my customer and give him your domain name and a brief description of the problem, including when it started.






Update forwarding or add/delete/modify email accounts (for accounts I host in Dallas)

Log in to the mail Administrator/postmaster account for your website and update the forwarding. 

If you do not have the Administrator's Email login info, please complete a Support Request 
Note: For your security and ours, we only provide Email Administration privileges to the person whose name is on the most recent agreement with Truly Texan.  If you are not that person, we will contact them to get their permission to make the change.








Broken link to off-site website

Do a search for the page you used to link to or, if it's important enough, email the webmaster or owner of that website and ask what happened to the page.
  When you have the replacement URL (website address), contact your webmaster.   If that's me, email me.







The instructions below assume you already use Outlook to send and receive mail from your Internet Service Provider (ISP) and you want to add an additional email account in Outlook.

The most important parts of what follows:

  • You will send mail out through your ISP's server. 
  • You will receive mail from your website via our server.

Therefore, your OUTGOING mail server settings, including username & password) are provided to you by your ISP. 
I give you your INCOMING mail server information.


Always check your spelling!

I did the setup below using Outlook 2003.  Your screens may be slightly different but the basics are still the same.

NOTE: AOL does not let you do this.

1. In Outlook, click Tools/Email Accounts/ then choose "Add a new email account" and click Next.  You will see this screen:

2.  Substitute your name and your domain name and your ISP's  SMTP server in the screens below.
NOTE:  The "Logon Information" should be your website email logon (entire email address) and password (that I have given you).   Replace "mydomain" with your domain name, obviously.

3.  After you've done the above, click the More Settings button on the screen above.
4.  Fill out the General tab that will come up, using the example below - but use your mail server address, your company name and your email address.

5.  Click the Outgoing Server tab and here is where you will enter the mail server information given to you by your ISP (Internet Service Provider).   It might be Roadrunner, SBC, Earthlink, or others. On this screen, you use ONLY information provided by them.  Do NOT use your website email address or a password that I give you.      (Your mail always goes out via your ISP.   Sending mail from your pc has nothing to do with your website or me.)

6.  Click the Advanced tab.  If you work on 2 computers, you may want to check the box under Delivery (below).  If you do so, be sure to check the box under that and set the days to 3 or less.  Otherwise, your mailbox might fill up and mail sent to you will start bouncing.

It is a good idea, anyway, to log in to your online mail twice a week to clean out the junk folder, making sure there is nothing of value in it. 

It is a bad idea to use webmail as your permanent mailbox.  Mailboxes are NEVER backed up.  In the event of a catastrophic hard drive crash, all mail in the folder at the time of the crash will be lost forever.

7. Click the OK button to save all these settings and on the original screen, click "Test Account Settings"     You should get all green checks as Outlook connects with our mail server and then tests sending through your ISP's server.   If not, go back through the instructions above because I won't tell you anything different than what is shown here.

Finally, if you have multiple mailboxes for your website, you would want to repeat the process above for each mailbox (POP3 account).   Or have the mail from those other mailboxes forward to the one you just set up above.



These instructions are for sites I host on my server in Dallas.  They will not work if your website is hosted at (Godaddy)   Visit that site and log in to your account for instructions if your website is hosted there.

IPHONE 4 INSTRUCTIONS:  (for IPHONE 6, see screen prints below. I've not had an Iphone 5 but it would be similar to one of these)

On your iphone, click Settings, then Mail, Contacts, Calendars

Click Add Account
Click Other
Click Add Mail Account
Enter your name, your email address, the password for your email account and whatever you want to describe this mail account

Then, Next


Next screen--
IMAP Account Information:
Name:  Your Name
Description:  Your Company

Incoming Mail Server
Host Name:
pw:  (this should already be filled in)

Outgoing Mail Server
No need to fill in email & password here

Mailbox Behaviors (skip this)

Deleted Messages
Remove  After one week

Incoming Settings
Use SSL   Off
Authentication   Password
IMAP Path Prefix  /
Server Port  143


That's it!

Iphone 6 instructions:

Go to Settings/Mail, Contacts../Add Account.  (note: the example below shows "" but, obviously, if your domain name ends in .net or .org or whatever, use that.

Fill out next screen with your info:

Hit Next  and fill out info with your info:

HIT NEXT.  The phone will attempt to connect to the server.  Your will probably get 2 pop-ups saying it can't connect as SSL and should it connect as not SSL.  Say yes to both.

You should then see a confirmation that it has successfully connected.  You will now have at least 2 mail accounts.

Assuming you have only a gmail account, for example, set up on your phone and the gmail emails are what you see when you click the Mail icon, then you will see an arrow and "gmail' in the upper left corner of your screen.  Click that and it will take you to a screen that shows all mail accounts on your phone.  To see/send mail from your website account, click its name and "voila!"   You should see the inbox and be able to respond, delete, etc. 

Note: by setting the account up as IMAP, instead of POP, emails sent to you will still be on the server and get delivered to your pc. Similarly, a copy of any email you send from that account on your phone will be sent to the server and it will get delivered to your pc so you will have a record of emails sent from your phone.