I’ve been a self-employed web designer and SEO consultant since 1998.  I’m incredibly lazy and one day it struck me that instead of writing the same information over and over to different clients, I could post all these nuggets of experience on a blog.

Ta daa!

The thing is – I know my clients – and I know that the vast majority of them won’t read this.   They, like me, are lazy.  And in their case, it’s just so much easier to email or call me than it is to read a help file or review software or read a manual or simply try something themselves.  And that’s fine with me.

I enjoy my boutique web design business.   The personal attention I give each client makes it that much more satisfying when their online business is successful.  I take great satisfaction in a job well done.

These days I primarily consult on SEO and navigability and am on retainer for a few clients.

Austin/Kyle, Texas