Can customers call you?

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Today I had a call from someone trying to get in touch with a Truly Texan  advertiser/member.   The advertiser in question doesn’t have a phone number on their website (she doesn’t want to give out her home phone). 

This happens fairly often, and since I don’t give out client information that isn’t on the client’s website, the best I could do was suggest this person use the email link on that website to contact the owner.   It wasn’t what they wanted to hear because they needed to order something quickly and didn’t want to wait on an email response.

Not having a phone number on your website may protect your privacy, but it doesn’t do much for your sales or your credibility.

I have a couple of rules I follow when making an online purchase:

  1. I never buy from a website that doesn’t have a phone number.
  2. I never buy from a website that doesn’t have some sort of physical address – at least a city and state.
  3. I never buy from a (small business) website that doesn’t have an “about us” page.  If a small business doesn’t want to share a little about themselves, then why should I share my money with them?

These days you can buy prepaid cell phones that are cheap and use them to be your answering machine for your business.  I’d bet that increased sales would more than pay for the phone over time.  

How many times have you had a question about a product and if you could have called and gotten an answer, you probably would have bought it?