Adwords Updates First Quarter 2015

1.  Hotel related Ads introduced, specifically geared to users wanting to book online and, in particular, via their phone.

2.  Call-only ad campaigns for mobile devices since, according to Google,  70% of mobile searchers call a business directly from search results.

3.  Adwords for Androids app so you can manage your campaigns from your phone or tablet.

4.  Ability to add tracking info (to determine ad effectiveness, source, etc.) without having to lose previous statistics as is currently the case if you change what page an ad takes the customer to.  (Note:  this new feature is rather complicated to implement and may require third-party software to create the tracking code and analyze it.  I haven’t tried it yet).

5. Added 3 new requirements for the Google Shopping Product Feeds if you use carrier-calculated rates:  shipping_height, shipping_length, shipping width.

6.  Google Trusted Store certification, a free program that  provides additional assurance for your buyers.  Google estimates it takes 30 minutes to apply, “a few days” to implement the code and then 30 to 90 days for them approve you.

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