Are You Making Money on Your Site?

To use the jargon, are you monetizing your site?   The most common way to monetize a site is to use Google Adsense to show Google ads on your website.

“But I don’t want people to leave my site or buy from other people” you might say.  Trust me. It’s not likely to happen.  Better yet, trust all those big companies who show Google ads on their websites.

And once you’ve set up an Adsense program, you can specifically exclude certain websites from showing ads on your site.  So, you can “filter” out your competitors.

Google gives you lots of choice for the type of ads to show.  You can choose those little text lists that I’m sure you’ve seen, or you can show banner ads with images or just text.   If you look at, you will see what I mean.  On some of those pages, I show a column of text ads and on others (or maybe on the same page), I might have a Google ad with images.

Now, unless your site gets millions of visitors, you aren’t likely to get rich from including Adsense ads on your website.  But if you could even earn $20/month (from people clicking on the ads) for the rest of your life – or your website’s life, and all you’ve invested is the time to set up the Adsense account and your time or mine adding the code to the website, isn’t that worth it?

I like revenue streams that I don’t have to worry about once they’re set up.

And if you’re still worried about losing sales, consider yourself as the typical website visitor.  If you go to a website to consider buying something, do those Google ads really distract you or stop you from buying.  In my experience, the answer is no.  Even if I see something that looks interesting and I click on it, it doesn’t stop me from buying what I originally came for.

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