Him and Me, He and I

I seem to be ranting today, but I swear if I hear another television person or radio person or actor or anyone in the media say “between he and I” or “to she and myself” or otherwise use the subjective pronoun when the objective is called for, I’m going to do something rash.

Would you say “He gave it to I”? No.

So why would you say, “He split it between he and I”?

Would you say “He baked it for she” or “He baked it for he” or “He baked it for I”?

Of course not.

So, just because you’re talking about 2 people why should you talk any differently?

He, she, and I are “subjective pronouns” and are used as the┬ásubject of a sentence (that’s the person doing the active part of the sentence, like giving, making, having, etc.).

Him, her and me are “objective pronouns” and are used as the object of a sentence (often as the object of a predicate.) Remember predicates: for, to, in, of, between, among…

Words and usage are important. I’m tired of our extreme political correctness, but I’m even more tired of people trying to sound important by avoiding “him, her and me” when all they’re doing is illustrating their ignorance.

end of rant.


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