Microsoft AdCenter Tips

Omigosh! Just called Microsoft because a credit for a client hasn’t been showing up after their merger or whatever with Yahoo! and ended up spending 48 minutes (my timer was on) with this guy. If we cut out the 18 minutes of pure BS in between the useful information, it was a worthwhile call.

The gist of it: Get really specific with your ads and your keywords. Really, really specific. I could go on, but suffice it to say that it is impossible to be too specific.

Okay, I’ll go on. If you sell gifts for brides to give their bridesmaids, don’t just advertise for “bridesmaid gifts”. Use keywords like “bridesmaid sister gift” and “childhood friend bridesmaid” and so on. And be sure your ads include a call to action and, if it can appeal on an emotional level, so much the better. For example, “Make Mom Cry at Your Wedding” would be a good emotional “call to action”. Of course, Microsoft and Google rarely give you as many characters as you’d like to use in your ad, so you need to be creative here.

But, all in all, I wouldn’t say it was a waste of time. However, I do have to mention that he wanted to show me something, but that feature wasn’t available. He had to get off the phone while we were talking because he couldn’t find the feature, just as I couldn’t and, come to find out, they were updating the page. Just imagine how much of a client’s time I could have wasted trying to find out how to add new keywords to a campaign when the fricking button wasn’t anywhere at that time???

And that’s why I charge $85/hour. Because I don’t work in a business where procedures and methods haven’t changed in 20 years. I work in a business where procedures and methods change every 20 minutes!

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