Computers-Repair or Replace?

I took a class at UT (actually I took several since I graduated from there), but this one in particular was Cost Accounting.   Can you say Sahara desert?  That’s how dry it was.

But it has proven very helpful over the years in making repair/replace decisions.   The general rule of thumb is that if you can get your money’s worth out of an item, you should continue to invest in it.    But that’s theory.  In real life, at some point you just have to say enough.

That’s what I’m looking at with my laptop.    It’s almost 4 years old and the screen goes funky after a few minutes.  I did a format and restore and it still does it.  Toshiba says it will probably cost $425 to repair.  And even if that fixes it, then I’m still left with a 4 year old laptop that’s liable to have something else go wrong with it.  

Decisions, decisions.    Since it’s a tablet pc, I’m thinking I might get it repaired, but also get me a plain old laptop that will suffice when my desktop goes down next time.  Laptops are so cheap these days, I can get a pretty good one and get the tablet pc repaired for the cost of getting a new tablet.

Sorry – this wasn’t very educational for you probably, but it was useful for me to clarify my thoughts. 

And it reminds me to remind you – at least once a year, turn off your desktop, unplug it, open it up and blow out all the dust.  Depending on how many pets and people you have in your house, you might be surprised to see what can accumulate and make your fan work harder, etc.

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