Tags on WordPress

Tags are keywords, separated by commas, that you enter so if someone is on your blog and wants info about a particular subject, they might can find it in the tag “cloud”.     Each posting should have 2 or 3 tags which you can also think of as keyword.  A single tag can be one word or a 2 to 3 word phrase, like “tags on wordpress”.

Over time, your tag cloud will get bigger and the tags you use most often – which should correlate to your most written-about topics – will appear bigger.

On my blog, the last time I looked, “SEO” was listed prominently in the “tag cloud”.   A visitor to my blog can click that word and see a list of the articles that I tagged with “SEO.”

Tags are important for search engines being able to index your blog and, more importantly, for your readers.  Use them, but don’t abuse them.

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