Utterly Basic WordPress

When you log in, you’ll want to be in “My Dashboard” not the Global one.

Click Posts on the left. Find the Add New button and click it. Start typing in the big white area.

To insert an image in your blog, find the words “Upload/Insert” just above the the white space where you type. See the rectangular gray icon? Click that and then you can browse to find an image and insert. Make sure you click the insert button. The first time I tried it, I kept uploading it but it wouldn’t show up in the blog. Then I realized I was uploading to a gallery. When I finally hit insert, it showed up in the blog.

Create categories to put your posts in – if appropriate. Let’s say you sell hand-painted t-shirts. Maybe you want a category called “Inspiration” and that’s where you put any postings that talk about what inspires your art. Maybe you want a category called “Fashion Do’s” where you talk about ways/places/how to wear your t-shirts. The goal of categories is to make it easier for someone to find postings that might interest them. It’s also to help search engines find what you write.

Be sure to fill in the the Excerpt when you write a new article. Keep it short and to the point.

And include 2 to 4 tags for your post (enter them in the box in the right column). Think of them as keywords.

When done, click the blue Publish button on the right. Or Preview (the button above that) if you’re one of those anal types that likes to catch your mistakes before other people see them. You can also change the date to something in the future, which is useful if you want to have a bunch of articles publish automatically when you’re on vacation. You can leave a posting as Draft and use it if you’re sick and don’t feel like writing one day.