Adwords and Copyright

For the second time in 5 weeks, Google has disapproved a client’s ad because the ad supposedly contained a copyright violation.   Guess what word they said was copyrighted?


All together now. . .Ridiculous!

It seems, though, that there is a football team down in Houston called the “Texans” so now every time I or a client or anyone writes an ad with the word “Texans” in it, the ad is disapproved until you call Google to point out the error of their way.  Why they don’t write their ad review software so that the ad contains the phrase “Houston Texans”, I have no idea.  As it is, I and I’m sure hundreds of other advertisers have to go through the appeal process every time we want to use the word “Texans” in an ad.

Google, there are times when you should use your little computer programs and there are times when you should use a real brain.

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