Business Cards & Your Image

No, I don’t mean putting your picture on your business card – though a lot realtors do that. 

Rather, I want to talk about what your business card says about you and your business.  I saw a great piece about this today on CBS’s Sunday Morning  and my own business cards are now going to become scratchpads.  

My first year of business I had fabulous business cards.  They were a nice heavy card stock and a nice grass green color – the same color as the star on my Truly Texan website.  (I never wanted Truly Texan to look like it was a site selling Texas gew-gaws so I didn’t opt for the traditional red, white & blue.) 

 Anyway, the cards got compliments, attention and numerous people commented over the years about how easy they were to find in a stack or Roledex.

By the time I ran out of them, I had fortunately reached the point where I was no longer looking for clients, and when I couldn’t get that same green card stock, I went with a rather boring tan.  After we moved, I still had hundreds of the new cards left and for years now have been handing out cards with crossed out information and scribbled changes.

What a horrible example of taking pride in one’s work, right? 

I constantly preach about a website being credible and representing your company in the best possible light–to the extent you can possibly afford.  Now, I realize the same is even truer about business cards. 

After all, you give someone a business card, generally because you want them to go to your website.  So if your business card is cheap and doesn’t intrigue or interest them in the least,  why would they bother to visit the website?

And, if you’re like me, and not really looking for thousands of clients, all the more reason, you can afford to spend more money per card, in order to impress those few people you really would like to add to your customer base.

And with that, I’ll close, and start working on my new cards.

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