Google’s Plus and +1

If you’ve noticed the “+1” by sites in search results or on ads and wondered what it was, it’s Google’s way of letting you recommend websites or companies. Kind of cool, assuming some black hats out there don’t figure out a way to spam it and give a website unwarranted pluses.

Along the same lines, I heard a piece on the radio recently about Google’s new Plus program which is only being tested right now. It’s similar to Facebook, but they’ve designed it to be much easier to use, especially with regard to having a single identity but having “circles” of different groups, like family, colleagues, customers, etc. And, for me, the biggest deal is that they’re promising that if you want to delete your account, it gets deleted entirely from their server. That’s the exact opposite of Facebook, which I’ve grown to hate for its intrusiveness and how difficult they make it to protect one’s privacy. I think it’s fine for businesses, but it’s way too Big Brother for my personal life.

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