Grateful clients

(October 2007)

What a great month I’ve had.  One client, Sherri Williams, our Austin realtor, told me to give myself a nice bonus when I ran the monthly charge for maintaining her website. Nearly ten years of self-employment and that was definitely a first. How sweet – and unexpected and appreciated.

Mine Till Midnight by Lisa Kleypas

Dedicated to her web designer.

Another client, Lisa Kleypas, came out with her umpteenth book, Mine Till Midnight, which she had dedicated to me!   To top it off, the book hit #3 on the New York Time List in it first week and spent over a month in the top ten.  Very cool

It’s always gratifying when a client takes the time to say they appreciate what I do. None of us say thank you enough when we receive good service – and I hope that even though I’m not perfect and have my bad days and senior moments, my clients know that my intentions are always the best for them. After all, if they do well, I do well.

 So, thanks to all my clients for trusting me to help you do well with your online business. I truly appreciate it and try not to take you for granted.