Vicarious Success – Thanks, Clients!

Woman lounging in a man's shirt

My client's best-seller

It probably goes back to my being a middle child (of 3 girls), but one of my favorite things about my job is enjoying my clients’ successes as though they were my own.

I just swell with pride whether it’s a website ranking well for a search term (for which I will gladly take most of the credit) or because they’ve written aNew York TimesĀ Bestseller, likeĀ Lisa Kleypas’ new book (at Borders)and other bookstores
Yea, Lisa! #9 on the top 10 in its first week out.

What a thrill to be associated with and trusted by successful, hard-working artists and entrepreneurs. Thanks to all of you for making me feel like I’ve contributed in some small way to your achievements. Of course, without your talent, it wouldn’t matter how well your site ranked – at least not for long. I guess as long as I keep getting clients who produce a great product or service, I’ll keep feeling good about what I do!