A Good Password Protection Program

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I highly recommend Roboform.  It’s $19.95/year for Roboform Everywhere.   You download and install it, then set up a master password (a hard one, as in meaningless, with upper, lower, numbers, no real words, etc.).

Roboform installs a toolbar at the top of your browser.

After that, the first time you go to a site where you need to log in, Roboform will ask if you want to save the login.   You say yes and you can also say whether you want to require the master password for that particular website.

(Note: I assume you close your browser and clear cache and cookies at least once a day.  If so, then the next time you open the browser and go to a site requiring a login, it will ask you to enter your master password. )

If I log in to a site like Facebook that has almost no personal info about me and definitely no financial data, I will tell Roboform to save the password, but I won’t check the box to protect it further with the master password.

If I log into my bank, though, I will have Robofrom save it, but in this case I will check the box for that extra protection which will require me to enter the master password.

So, next time I go to Facebook to sign in, in the Roboform toolbar “facebook” will show up and I click that and it fills in my username and password.

Next time I go to my bank, it’s the same process, but first it asks me to provide the master password.

I like Roboform Everywhere because you can load it on all your computers and, voila!, all your logins are accessible. You enter a username and password for the first time and save it with Roboform and then go work on a laptop or other computer you use at home and the password info will be accessible there.  Of course, you have to load it initially on all your computer.

Since I have 3 computers and about a zillion logins for clients, it’s a lifesaver for me.

I read tons of reviews before going with it and have been using it over a year now and really like it.  It doesn’t always play well with Firefox, but I don’t use Firefox much anymore, just Internet Explorer.  Works well with Chrome usually.

I did use Norton Identity Safe for several years, but after a while, when I went to a website (like Facebook) where I had already entered multiple logins, for me and my clients, I would enter a new login for a new client and Norton Identity Safe quit asking me if I wanted to save.  Did a little research and found I wasn’t the only one with this issue so I investigated other options and have been really pleased with Roboform.


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