How do you reconcile your privacy with having a business presence on the web?   Obviously a business should give their phone number and at least the city and state where they are located.  It adds credibility.

But what about your name if you’re a sole proprietorship?  Ideally, you would provide your name, but what if you’re a woman, living alone, working from home?  Maybe you want to protect your privacy a little more.

That can be hard, however, if you’re shipping product.   I suppose Post Office boxes are an option, but I’m always suspicious if the only address on a website is a P.O. Box and there’s no person’s name on an About page.

And then there’s the whole Facebook and other social networking sites thing.   According to a Wired article I read, just because you make your Facebook page private doesn’t mean someone can’t find out tons about you.

But then, I’ve thought for years that privacy was largely a myth. The minute you give a doctor’s office your credit card and social security #, your privacy pretty much goes out the window.

My one piece of advice is to never give anyone your real email address, the one your ISP assigns you, unless absolutely necessary. That way, you can at least control your email. I always give my Google email address to doctor’s offices or any other company that requests/requires one.

I’d love to know what y’all think about this issue.