Tips – Deja Vu All Over Again

I cannot believe it’s been 7 or 8 months since I last posted anything.  But, as some of my clients know, personal life sometimes gets in the way of business.

Speaking of which. . . oh my gosh, I continue to be amazed by a number of things including:

1. Why doesn’t everyone have their email set to view as text rather than HTML?  It would save so many people from having their computers infected because they click on a link that looks legit, but really takes them to a malware site.

2.  How many times do I have to tell clients to run nightly backups and, if nothing else, save their entire c: drive to a 16 gig flash drive (or whatever size is necessary) at least once a month and give it to a trusted relative on the off chance your house burns down.

3.  My own sister has been running a malware program instead of a respected antivirus program.  Buy Norton Internet Security or McAfee or AVG and set it up  to do a full scan nightly and to automatically check for updates and install them.  You get what you pay for.

4.  People fail to install all the updates to various software programs from Windows to their shopping carts and WordPress sites.  Updates are important.  They are most often “fixes” that relate to security or bugs.  Not installing them is akin to getting a recall notice on your car for a safety issue that needs fixing immediately and then ignoring it.  Not very bright.

5.  People will click on almost anything without a second thought, whether it’s in an email or search results.   Many of those links will take you to bad sites and I don’t mean bad as in not very meaningful.  I mean “bad” as in malicious.  In IE and Chrome (and probably Firefox and Safari), one can mouse-over a link and look down the bottom left of the browser window and see where the link will actually take you.  The same is true of Outlook.

6.  Don’t embed images or movies, etc. in emails.  Send your friends/relatives/business associates a link to the website or image and/or a description of it.  Give enough information that they know the email is really from you and that some evil person hasn’t phished your email address.

Oh, my, the list goes on. . . but I’ll stop here for now.   Except for one last thing:  listen to advice.  You aren’t a 13 yr. old who thinks they know more than their parents.  Unless you actually spend your day managing other people’s websites and making them rank well, don’t think you know more than the person who has.

In that case, that would be me.  If all my clients really followed my advice and suggestions, they would be much happier.  Of course, I wouldn’t make as much money, but, then, it’s never been about the money for me.  I made money in my old job.  I started this business to help people be successful on the internet.  It’s frustrating (as you can tell, after reading this) to make recommendations, have them ignored and then 2 years later have the same client come back and say, “Hey, why don’t we do this?  So-and-so said it was a good idea.”   I fear I may not present myself as authoritative as I am.

Such is life.