Google’s Localized Search Results

In my business (SEO), I rarely click a client’s bookmarked site to get there.  I do a search for a keyword/phrase we’re working on.    Since Google’s last switcheroo, I’ve noticed that all my results seem to be concentrated in the Austin area.  Since my clients are everywhere, that doesn’t give me an accurate  picture of where they are ranking.

I finally did a little research, and learned if you want to see search results that aren’t tailored to your location, go to Google’s home page and click “search settings” in the upper right corner.  Set your location as “United States” and save.  Now you’ll see more realistic results.

The problem with all of this is that I never set “Austin” to be my “locale”.  Google figured that out from the IP address of my computer and automatically – and unwantedly – started delivering localized results.  I don’t like that.

If I want to search for some business in Austin or surrounding area, I’ll put the city in the phrase when I search.  I don’t need Google to assume they know what I’m searching for.

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