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Most of my customers only know me as a web host or the owner of Truly Texan, a juried directory of Texas companies and artisans.  But my real expertise is in designing (or tweaking) websites to improve their ranking in Google and other search engines. 

It kills me when I find that a client has been paying some SEO company to do what I do, but they’re charging them 5 or 6 times what I charge.   It’s not that I’m cheap.   It’s that these other companies are overpriced and/or charging for things that look like work but do you little or no real good. 

I mean, will you really read a 20 page report each month that shows where you rank for every phrase remotely related to your website, even if no one would ever search for that phrase?   

I don’t generate reports.   If you want reports, I can certainly charge you an extra $150/month to produce them, but it won’t get your site any higher in the results.

My philosophy is that your money- and my time- is best spent trying to get you to #1 (a never-ending goal) for those phrases most likely to be searched for by people who actually want your type of service or product.
With that in mind, here’s what I sent my customers yesterday to illustrate the quality of my work.

On Jan 29, searching in Google for:

  • Texas gifts   –  4 of my clients are in top 7
  • Paris tours small groups – my client is  #1
  • mesquite furniture – 2 of my clients are in top 3 
  • wedding keepsake gifts – my client is in top 3 
  • Texas gift baskets   – my client is in top 10
  • Texas speech writer  – my client is #1 
  • gourmet cooking classes – my client is in top 10 
  • gourmet kitchen tools – my client is in top 5 
  • furniture restoration Texas  – client is #1 
  • closet design Houston – my client is in top 10 
  • murphy beds San antonio – my client is #3
  • custom closets Austin – my client is #1
  • Austin wedding coordinator – my client is #2
  • custom fireplace tools – my client is #1
  • wildflower t-shirts – my client’s in top 5
  • custom mesquite bed – my clients are #1, #2,  #8  and #10
  • custom children’s furniture – my client is #3
  • top Austin realtors – my client is #2
  • Austin interior designers – my client is #7

I could go on and on, but that should give you an idea.   If you want to learn more, please visit my web design site for all the details and to sign up

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