Unsolicted SEO emails

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Ever get an email like this?

I’ve helped hundreds of companies increase their traffic and I’d love to show you what my service can do for you. I don’t promise the world, I’m straight forward and to the point … I deliver rankings.

Did you ask for it?  If not, it’s spam.  Do you like spam?  Do you like spammers?  Do you like telemarketers?   Or salesmen who come to your door uninvited?

If you answered no to all of the above, then just hit delete when you get something like that. 

If you need SEO services, call me or do a search online for SEO experts.  Then research the top 5.  Do they have testimonials from people you can contact?  Do they give their rates?   Do they guarantee top3 results?  (If so, be suspicious and/or prepared to pay an arm and a leg).

Do they explain the difference between SEO and SEM?   The latter is Search Engine Marketing, i.e. sponsored links.

But whatever you do, don’t respond to the email.  Responding to spam is what it keeps it coming to all of us.

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