Website Tools

If you don’t use the Google Webmaster Tools, you (or your webmaster) should. Once you authenticate your site, you’ll find lots of good information about how often Google crawls your site and what pages might have problems and so forth.

The Google Group for webmasters (about search engine ranking) is also good, but use it with caution. There are a lot of people out there who know just enough to be dangerous. Or they give anecdotal evidence of how to fix something, instead of …hmm.. not sure what word I’m looking for… maybe factual or technical explanations of why something is wrong and how it should be fixed.

Kind of like saying, “If your foot hurts, you should do what I did to make my foot stop hurting…” As opposed to saying, “Here are the various reasons a foot might hurt and how to make the hurting stop for each reason.”

Also, just because someone who has posted a message in a Google Group includes a link in their posting, doesn’t mean you can safely click the link. There are bad people everywhere who use any means possible to get you to their site so they can install malware on your computer. Be cautious.

But I digress…

Visit the Google Webmaster Tools and take advantage.

And remember, content is king. Google loves real words on a page. Actual, useful information.