Social Media Tips

For those of you who have Facebook Pages (not personal accounts, but a business page).  These (some of which I knew) came from a social media expert I heard speak earlier this month.
1.  80/20 rule   Your posts should be 80% fun or interesting information and only 20% sales pitch/products/services promotion.
2.  Try to start every post with an image (not stolen from someone else’s site, preferably) and then have text.
3.  Reply to everyone who comments on your posts or, at least, “like” their comment.  If no one is commenting, see #1 above.

She also had some sterling advice about Twitter, i.e. if you aren’t going to tweet 4 or 5 times a day, don’t have a Twitter account.

Use social media wisely.  If you only have time to do one medium, choose the one where most of your audience is.  The following is simply a guide to where you might focus your attention:  Facebook mostly for adults, Pinterestmostly for younger adults, Tumbler mostly for teens & younger adults, Instagram mostly for teens.