Two-Factor Authentication

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Two factor-authentication is used to add another layer of security to logins for all types of sites. The most secure is the type that requires an app on your phone such as the ones listed on Wordfence’s Two-Factor Authentication help page.

Given how many clients (and I…and the White House and Microsoft, etc.) have had sites hacked over the years, it’s worth a few minutes of your time to use Two-Factor authentication on every site that offers it. That includes Facebook, Google, WordPress, and most any other site that requires a login. It certainly doesn’t guarantee a site won’t be hacked, but it does add one more layer of security.

And speaking of security, this is off-topic, but if you leave your porch light on when you’re gone, it generally tells people that you’re gone–unless you have it set on a timer. If it’s on all day, that’s a sure sign to burglars that you’re gone and they’ll just find a dark window to gain entrance. I highly recommend motion detector lights instead. When I see a neighbor’s motion detector light go on, I go look to see what might be triggering it. Obviously, if they left a light on all the time, I wouldn’t have cause to look.

Motion detector lights are just one method to protect your valuables more than doing nothing. Likewise, adding two-factor authentication to every site possible makes it just a little bit harder for bad guys to access your online valuables.