Be a Responsible Website Owner

If you own a website, even if you have a fabulous webmaster who does everything short of cleaning your house, managing your website and your domain name and such is still ultimately your responsibility.

Tips for being responsible:

  1. Know who your web host is.  This may or may not be the person who manages your website, i.e. the one who makes changes when you need them.
  2. Know who your domain registrar is.
  3. Know how to log in to your account with your domain registrar.
  4. Keep your email address updated on your domain registrar account.
  5. Know if you have a Privacy option on your domain name registration.
  6. If you have privacy, such as “Domains By Proxy”, know how to log in to that account.
  7. Keep the email address up to date on your privacy account.
  8. Know the FTP info for your website. If your webmaster wins the lottery and vanishes, you’ll need to give the FTP info to another webmaster.
  9. Know how to access your email account online and add/change/delete email addresses related to your website.
  10. Review your website often. Look for errors. Read sentences backwards which is a great way to catch spelling errors. Check all the links to be sure they work. No webmaster is perfect. Unfortunately, that includes me.

Follow the steps above and your life will run so much more smoothly, relative to your website at least.