Browser Wars

It seems that more people are using Google’s Chrome to browse the internet than Microsoft’s Internet Explorer (IE) or Mozilla’s Firefox.    That shouldn’t make much difference to anyone except for the fact that Internet Explorer doesn’t always display websites the same way the other browsers do.

Why?  (This paragraph is for the nerds among you.)  Internet Explorer, i.e. Microsoft, doesn’t follow all the HTML rules like the others.   The most common difference you’ll notice is in font sizes, but there are numerous other areas where IE won’t interpret code like it’s supposed to.

So, you might check your site in the various browsers.

Here’s where to download them if you don’t have them already:


And if you’re my client, you should know that if I designed your site, I tested it in the various browsers, but please feel free to check your site again in all of them.  Browsers change over time, as does HTML (sort of, but that’s another article).  What looked good 3 years ago in all the browsers may not look so good now.  And I haven’t found a client yet who wanted to pay me to check all the pages in their website, in all the browsers, every single day (which is really a shame).  If you see a problem with your website,  let me know.

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