OMG –or The Cobbler’s Children’s Shoes

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Well, if you’ve looked at this blog in the last year or so you can tell it’s been a busy year (or year and a half almost).
I was updating some clients’ WordPress sites–which you should do diligently once a month to be sure you have the latest WordPress version, your database is backed up and all your plug-ins are up to date–when what should I discover but my header and menu were missing from my own blog!

It’s a good thing my clients don’t read this.  They probably wouldn’t be my clients anymore.  Am I right?

So, lesson for today:
1.  Back up your database monthly, whether you’ve posted anything or not.
2.  Update WordPress to the latest version (your site will show you if there’s a new version).
3.  Check  your plug-ins to see if there are newer versions.  And keep an eye on plug-ins that haven’t been updated in years.  Sometimes a plug-in developer will quit updating a plug-in, even if it’s a great plug-in.  It’s usually because not enough folks use it, rave about it, rate it, and donate to the developer.  At some point, you may need to replace the plug-in with one that is more up-to-date and compatible with your version of WordPress.   Anyway, update any plug-ins that have compatible updates available.

That’s all for today.

I’m hungry.

p.s. If you aren’t familiar with the “cobbler’s children’s shoes” reference, it basically means that the cobbler (a shoemaker) makes his and his family’s shoes last because he’s so busy making shoes for other people.  That’s me.  Only I don’t make shoes; I make websites.