Site Updates & Sympathy

Just a quick note to say that I completely understand a client’s frustration when I tell them that their website needs to be redone because the design is not conducive to getting ranked well.

Often, the client has spent thousands of dollars for their website, and they don’t want to hear that it isn’t good enough and they need to spend thousands more.

However, things change in the world of the web. How sites are designed has changed drastically from when I built my first site in 1997.  How search engines “read” sites has also changed.  And both of those things will continue changing.

It doesn’t mean the previous design was bad when it was done (although it may have been).

Just as you would maintain and update a physical business or home, you need to do the same with a website. We don’t walk out to wells to pump water to bring to the house. We’ve progressed. And if you’re old enough to read this, then you’re no doubt old enough to remember when there wasn’t an Internet as we know it today.  Times change; technology changes; websites must change.

So, the best advice I can give is to plan for these changes.  Plan now for that next overhaul.

Depending on your site, it might cost $800 or it might cost $5000 (or more). Find a web designer/developer with good references and trust them to do a good job for you and tell you when changes need to be made. And set aside an amount every year so that when the time comes, you’ll be prepared.

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